Sandia Properties

Learn About the Sandia Properties
The founders of the Sandia Foundation, Hugh and Helen Woodward, were not only philanthropists, but enthusiastically involved in the Albuquerque community in many ways as civil servants, business people, volunteers, and community activists. They understood that the strength of a community does not rely on just a select few who hold it together, and that the wealth of a community is not measured in dollars alone. The strongest, wealthiest communities are those that actively support the educational, commercial, and social interests of all of its residents.

The Sandia Foundation holds a significant portion of its assets in Albuquerque real estate. We have 25 properties, 22 of which are leased to businesses that provide the residents of Albuquerque with various goods and services, offer employment opportunities, and add to a stable and vibrant commercial environment. Below you will find a list of businesses located on Sandia Foundation property. Please join us by supporting them.